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Martin Hayes
Irish fiddle virtuoso MP3
Sydney Opera House, Melba Hall, AIM

Arnie Roth
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Gary Burton
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The passion and prejudice behind White Australia,
when Catholics and Protestants married.
This powerful and revealing radio series, written and produced by Siobhan McHugh with original music by Thomas Fitzgerald, explores the religious bigotry and post-colonial tensions between English (Protestants) and Irish (Catholics) still prevalent in Australia only two generations ago. Based on three years research and over fifty oral history interviews, the series explores the family feuds occasioned by Protestant/Catholic mixed marriage and the virtual social apartheid that at times resulted from systemic discrimination against the Irish Catholic underclass until the 1960s. The series also contests the use of the misleading term 'Anglo-Celtic Australia' to denote non-indigenous Australia prior to the mass immigration that followed the Second World War.
Part 1. Not in Front of the Altar In pre-multicultural Australia, marrying across the Protestant/ Catholic Divide was consorting wth the enemy for many families. Mixed- religion couples describe being estranged, disinherited and vilified in a society where a quarter of the population (Catholics) was barred from applying for some private sector jobs and Freemasons and Catholics jostled for control of the public sector. The Catholic Church showed its disapproval of the 'impediment of mixed marriage' by relegating such ceremonies to a cheerless setting away from the main altar, out of sight of family and friends. Yet from the 1890s to the 1960s, one in five Australian weddings was a mixed marriage.
Part 2. Between Two Worlds Children raised in a mixed marriage had to negotiate a delicate balancing act. Until 1966, the Catholic Church required both parties to pledge in writing that all children would be raised Catholic. Some compromised by raising the boys Protestant and the girls Catholic. Some Protestant parents refused to comply; others were assiduous in nurturing their children's Catholic faith, even after the death of the Catholic parent. Some children were secretly baptised and raised in one parent's faith unbeknownst to the other - eventually a source of enormous family conflict. In a society polarised between the two main religions, children of mixed marriages were torn by divided loyalties.

Peggy's Hothouse

Peggy's Hothouse

A fascinating insight into Australia's only dedicated composers' house, which has become a hothouse of musical creativity, a unique and inspirational musical environment where 18 of our finest composers have lived and worked since 1990, in a series of composer residencies, celebrating the generous vision of one of Australia's first international composers, Peggy Glanville-Hicks.
Producer Thomas Fitzgerald, a former resident and now a trustee of Peggy's house, also spoke with fellow composers Peter Sculthorpe, Anne Boyd, Matthew Hindson, Ross Edwards and Andrew Ford, as well as lawyer Shane Simpson, who is chair of the Peggy Glanville-Hicks Trust.
The program also explores the challenges for women composers through the experiences of five former residents: Elena Kats-Chernin, Liza Lim, Mary Ann Kiriakou, Ros Bandt, and Mary Finsterer, who have followed in the giant footsteps of Peggy Glanville-Hicks.
Narrated and produced by: Thomas Fitzgerald
Sound engineer: Andrei Shabunov
Executive Producer: Robyn Ravlich
Peace Song Tapestries

Peace Song Tapestries

The Peace Song Tapestries radio program invited young music makers to discover new ways for peace through the power of music, it was broadcast on SBS World View in 2007 / 2008.


Martin Hayes Irish fiddle virtuoso
Arnie Roth Conductor & Music Director MP3
Gary Burton Vibraphone Master & composer MP3


for small ensemble, live interactive computer projections
Chika is a documentary performance, a multi-layered production which crosses the genres of journalism, visual and performing arts, incorporating original live music, dance and narration, documentary images, archival video and recorded interviews to tell a story - the story of Chika Honda, a Japanese woman who spent a decade in Australian jails for a crime she has always insisted she did not commit.
Duration: 50:00

Patrick White

Documentary Broadcast on Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Shower Songs - Canaries in the Mineshafts

Shower Songs premiered on ABC Radio National networks on December 11, 2005, was featured in April 2006 on In Performance with Damien Beaumon and was a finalist in the "Prix Italia"

And the Music Caught Fire: The Rebirth of Irish Music

The Heart of the Journey

'Pearls', 'Travelling Home'
Commissioned score for interactive multimedia performance by Mayu Kanamori.
» August 2000 Broome's annual Shinju Matsuri Festival Premiere
where at Pearl Luggers the sails of a traditional pearl lugger became the canvas for displaying the images
» 2000 Radio Eye ABC Radio National
The program received a commendation for the promotion of muticultural issues in the United Nations Association of Australia's Media Peace Awards
» 2001 WA fringe festival
» 2001 The St Kilda Film Festival
» 2001 Melbourne Sydey Brisbane Perth Adelaide
» 2001 National Library of Australia Canberra
» 2002 Adelaide Fringe Festival
» 2002 7th Tokyo Performing Arts Market
» 2002 Carnivale Sydney
» 2003 Image Forum Tokyo
» 2003 Singapore Arts Festival
» 2003 Christchurch Arts Festival
» 2003 Festival of Darwin
» 2003 Yamaguchi Centre for Arts and Media
» 2008 Biennale of Sydney On Line Venue

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