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2017 - 2020 Director One Earth Orchestra
2014 - Director Chika ensemble, performances at Salimara Festival, Djakarta, Indonesia
2010- 2014 Director One Earth Orchestra Concerts Melbourne
Premiered on ABC Radio National's Into the Music on 18 April 2009.
A fascinating insight into Australia's only dedicated composers' house, which has become a hot- house of musical creativity, celebrating the generous vision of one of Australia's first international composers, Peggy Glanville-Hicks. Her former home, a bohemian terrace house with a chandelier and Grecian mural, in the Sydney suburb of Paddington, has become a unique and inspirational musical environment where eighteen of our finest composers have lived and worked since 1990 in a series of composer residencies.
"Multimedia Theatre of Mixed Means" : Thomas Fitzgerald & Ron Eden
Dis Place This Place : The Art of Displacement
The Multimedia Theatre of Mixed Means is a collaborative project by Thomas Fitzgerald and multi media artist Ron Eden. In a new sound work, the sounds of Swan Hill and the elements are combined in live performance, enhancing the message of the accompanying projected images of the DEW pics by Ron Eden with their distant early warnings of global warming and climate change.

Chika Soundtrack
CD Cover by Elly Mantzaris
"CHIKA" Soundtrack released
The music for CHIKA was composed by Thomas Fitzgerald, with one exquisite work, the Koto Solo by Satsuki Odamura.
This unusual collaboration of instruments featuring Satsuki Odamura on koto and bass koto, Anne Norman's shakuhachi, Toshinori Sakamoto's wadaiko and Thomas Fitzgerald playing acoustic and electric violin and keyboards, blends live music and pre recorded acoustic and electronic sounds with a unique result. It is the sum of these myriad combinations of a surreal reality that have become CHIKA's musical world.
"Chika" by Cate Shaw released
"Chika" is the vocal version of the 'Chika Chika Cha Cha' from the CHIKA soundtrack. It is available through iTunes and as an MP3 download through CD Baby

Interview with Martin Hayes
Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill 2008 Australian tour
"Sparsely accompanied fiddle music has rarely sounded so complete and so essential" Q MAGAZINE
Thomas Fitzgerald co-ordinated the presentation of concerts at Melba Hall, Melbourne and the Sydney Opera House, and masterclasses in both cities. During this time he interviewed the Irish fiddle virtuoso for a documentary currently in the making and also as part of the Peace Song Tapestries Great Music Masters series.
Share some of the earliest experiences and the first tune learned by a young boy who became a master. Glimpse the joy to be found through music in his words, hear it when he and Thomas Fitzgerald together play us a farewell tune. Click the flash play button to the right to listen to the interview

Poster Design Janette Hoe
"CHIKA" A Documentary Performance
Performance Space at Carriageworks - March, Sydney
CHIKA is a multi-layered production & contemporary story telling, crossing genres of journalism, visual and performing arts, incorporating original live music, dance and narration, documentary images, archival video and recorded interviews.
The music for CHIKA was composed by Thomas Fitzgerald, with one exquisite work, the Koto Solo by Satsuki Odamura.
"The Peace Song Tapestries"
Peace Song Tapestries is the concept of Thomas Fitzgerald and invites young people to discover new ways for peace through the power of music. Contributed works form part of the weekly SBS Radio Broadcast and be woven by musical director 'Dr Tom' into a new work, a music and soundscape Tapestry for peace to showcase the songs of peace in concert during the Sydney Harmony Day celebrations on 20th March 2008.
"And the Music Caught Fire: The Rebirth of Irish Music"
Two programs, 'The Awakening' and 'The Roaring Tiger' exploring the renaissance of Irish Music presented by Thomas Fitzgerald and Siobhan McHugh, March 2007
"Into the Music"
ABC Radio National
ABC Radio National
Thomas Fitzgerald's music featured at "June in Buffalo", a festival and conference dedicated to composers in New York 2006.
"Counter memory and The Irish Linen Memorial:
  (re)imagining Northern Ireland after the troubles,
  1966 - 2005"
Lycia Trouton, Monique Van-Nieuwland and Tom Fitzgerald
Performance for Lycia Trouton's Lecture and Presentation "Counter memory and The Irish Linen Memorial: (re)imagining Northern Ireland after the troubles,1966 - 2005" for a conference on Pain, Death and Trauma at Australian National University (ANU), December 2006
Lycia Trouton & Tom Fitzgerald The Irish Linen Memorial (The ILM) is a public needlework commemoration to those killed in the troubles as well as an anti-violence protest piece. At this conference, the artist and musician-composer will present an explanation of the artwork/sound-scape and contextualise this contemporary creative project.
The ILM explores non-hierarchical definitions of public commemoration which are controversial. The memorial names are drawn from a book entitled Lost Lives, the men, women and children who died as a result of the Northern Ireland troubles (McKittrick et al., 2000). The artists will focus on narratives from the book of persons murdered at the hands of the British state. The composer will perform on the electric violin and explain his symphonic composition and lament for the dead. The names have been transferred on to an embroidered memorial in Irish linen; metaphors of mending and fragile connectivity are explored; further, issues about the parity of esteem/plurality of difference in Northern Ireland are examined.
As artists, we engage with, rather than present an argument about the wide-ranging politics, causes or consequences of the Northern Ireland troubles: a fraught period with various historical and political roots, involving wide-spread violence and trauma.
Trouton, born in Belfast, 1967, and Fitzgerald, the second generation of an Irish migrant family (County Clare) to Victoria, Australia, began a collaborative dialogue addressing their Irish identity and trauma while doctorate students at the University of Wollongong, 2003.
Shower Songs premiered on ABC Radio National networks on December 11, 2005, was featured in April 2006 on In Performance with Damien Beaumon and was a finalist in the "Prix Italia"
A radiophonic musical composition created during the composer's residency with the ABC in 2005. This annual New Media Arts residency is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts and hosted by the ABC. This work is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional in its intention and nature. On one level it is a celebration of the sensuous sonic beauty of water in our physical world. On another level the work explores the deeper cultural and metaphysical changes that often occur almost invisibly in our modern world. Who has time to sing in the shower any more? And whilst expressing ourselves through song is precious, so too is water itself.
Chika Website
A documentary performance created by Mayu Kanamori, featuring musical direction & composition by Tom Fitzgerald. Chika premiered on the 23th of February, 2005 at The C.U.B. Malthouse in Melbourne. The ABC Radio National program of “Chika” was a finalist in the Radio Feature, Documentary or Broadcast Special category of the 2004 Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism.
Tom Fitzgerald
Tom Fitzgerald was awarded a Peggy Glanville-Hicks Composers' House residential fellowship in 2005. The salons were held while Tom was resident composer, to promote awareness of the Peggy Glanville-Hicks Composers' House.

MIDI Violin. 1/4_inch was held over 2 nights in two very different locations in September 2005. Tom participated in the performance at Frequency Lab (aka Knot Gallery), Sydney

"Sonic Code, Endless Flight, Reich"
Electric violin/computer/projections. University of Western Sydney, Nepean
"Music in the Vines"
"Touché" contemporary music duo, Marcus van Camp (Vocalist/Guitarist) and Tom Fitzgerald (Violin/Keyboard).
"Creative Spirit"
Tom Fitzgerald and ensemble. Montrose. October 2005.
"Wollongong Anarchist Noismakers Kollectivex"
Performance at the NOW now, a festival of spontaneous music.
"Insanity of Forgiveness"
"Insanity of Forgiveness" was written for The Irish Linen Memorial, an installation at The Canberra Festival of Arts, Craft ACT Gallery and Design Centre, Canberra
Chika Website
Broadcast on Radio National, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 21st, February, 2004.
The ABC Radio National program of "Chika" was a finalist in the Radio Feature, Documentary or Broadcast Special category of the 2004 Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism.
"Blues for the Avant Garde"
For solo amplified piano. Recording studio performance by Thomas Fitzgerald - Piano
"Fast Travel"
for amplified string quartet August, 2004
Performed by Attila Kuti - Violin 1, Thomas Fitzgerald - Violin 2, Zoltan Balazs - Viola, Karolina Kuti - Cello
"'Avalanche 2'"
Stage two of the project Avalanche a contemporary dance work by Lindy Ferguson was part of 'Fringe at Dancehouse' in 2004.
"Irish Linen Memorial : Transformation of Tears"
Transformation of Tears is an interactive new media work based on Sculptor Lycia Trouton's Irish Linen Memorial to the 'Lost Lives' of The Troubles, 66 - present day. This innovative installation work was exhibited at the 2004 Canberra Festival, with financial support from The Canadian High Commission. An earlier version of this work, entitled Horrific Hankies:Irish Linen Memorial to the 'Lost Lives' , was installed at the University of Wollongong, in 2002. This earlier version of the work received financial support from The Centre for Research in Image, Performance & Text, (CRIPT), Creative Arts department at the University of Wollongong. Lycia Trouton's 'silent' version of The Irish Linen Memorial was first exhibited in September 2001 in the USA and since then, a simple version with only a Reading of The Names has been exhibited for The Day of Private Reflection in Northern Ireland 2007 and 8.
The Australian collaborative work engaged Australian Choreographer/Dance Performer: Elizabeth Cameron-Dalman and her Mirramu Dance company.
The work was created by three artists
Canadian Sculptor/Visual Artist: Lycia Danielle Trouton
Australian Sound Artist/Musician: Tom Fitzgerald
Australian Choreographer/Dance Performer: Elizabeth Cameron–Dalman
Lindy Ferguson
Avalanche is a contemporary dance work by Lindy Ferguson. Tom performed at the premiere performance at Chapel off Chapel and contributed the compositions, ´Spiders Web´ electronic sounds & ´Birth´ for voice & electronic sounds
Sonic Connections Festival Opening concert,
Sonic Code (Thomas Fitzgerald) Thomas Fitzgerald, electric violin
for solo electric violin, samplers/delay signal treatments and pre-recorded playback sounds. Duration: ca. 10:00 Sonic Code explores the sounds of coded process and language. It explores relationships between embedded inaudible human body codes such as the silent mathematics of the genome code and the aural patterns of heartbeat codes that are the first sounds for every person. Other sonic languages and translations of language into numbers such as morse, radio, television and internet codes provide rich sonic material that interacts with the live solo electric violin. The work is constructed in two sections a free fantasia intoduction, followed by a very fast and pulsitile rondo - that explores the rhythmic patterns of the various codes, developing relationships and transformations between them. The solid body MIDI/electric violin was made in the USA by ZETA in 1998.
Dao Streams: Fajing (Peter Schaefer 2003) Thomas Fitzgerald, violin; Peter Schaefer, sitar
The title refers to a chinese martial art concept involving a sudden release of stored energy, and also carries the connotation of the ebb and flow of quietness and explosiveness ... the piece explores the use of soloistic instrumental line against a textural backdrop of flexible instrumentation, such as horns/percussion and/or other improvised elements ... the soloist combines both notated and improvised material and is intended for performance by various melodic instruments, having been performed so far on violin and saxophone, to mention two the concert will also include other repertoire and improvised.
"Chitter Chatter"
Performances by Julia Ryder Cello and Roslyn Dunlop Clarinet.
"Side On Café" New Music Concerts, Newtown, Sydney.
Recorded/Broadcast by "New Music Australia", ABC Radio National
Chika Website
Performed/Recorded at the experimental arts centre, Chapel-off-Chapel.
Performed by "One Earth Orchestra"
amplified soprano voice - Lindy Ferguson
amplified shakuhatchi- Anne Norman
2 bass Taiko drums, high pitched temple bells - Toshi
Koto - Satzuki Odamura,
amplified piano -Thomas Fitzgerald,
string section -Matthew Bruce, Thomas Fitzgerald - violins,
John Philp -4 violas, Martin Peniker 4 celli, (pre-recorded)
Fairlight computer - prerecorded playback sounds
Broadcast on Radio National, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
Espace Ensemble
hutes illuminati
The 'Mozart Effect' and approaches to modern music This presentation related the effect to contemporary composition styles and experiences and also explored the use of electronics and multimedia in performance.
"Double rainbow"
Performed by Jean Penny flute.
Original instrumental music for Flute and electronics. Composed by Tom Fitzgerald for Solo Flute & 2 Delay Signal Treatment machines
Toorak Uniting Church, Melbourne
"Chika's Transformation"
Recording Studio Performance by Anne Norman Shakuhatchi.
Performed/Recorded at Metropolis Recording Studios,
Charisma Music group
Performing original Tom Fitzgerald compositions in Germany Italy, Sweden and France.
One Earth Orchestra
Performed/Recorded on December, 2002 at the experimental arts centre, Chapel-off-Chapel.
'Lament' for multimedia ensemble
Performed by "One Earth Orchestra"
Director/amplified piano/electric solo violin, Thomas Fitzgerald,
electric violin - Tamil Rogeon, electric viola - Rodney Edwards
one amplified solo flute- Megan Kenny,
one amplified acoustic guitar - Marc Van Camp,
six-string electric bass - Evripides Evritidou
percussion/vibraphone - Craig Beard,
amplified tenor voice - Lawrence Allen,
drum kit - Gordon Pendelton, amplified didgeridoo - Murrundindi,
'Ensemble Riffs' for multimedia ensemble
Performed by "One Earth Orchestra"
Director/amplified piano/electric solo violin, Thomas Fitzgerald,
electric violin - Tamil Rogeon, electric viola - Rodney Edwards
one amplified solo flute- Megan Kenny,
one amplified acoustic guitar - Marc Van Camp,
six-string electric bass - Evripides Evritidou
percussion/vibraphone - Craig Beard,
amplified tenor voice - Lawrence Allen,
drum kit - Gordon Pendelton, amplified didgeridoo - Murrundindi
"Child Support - 110 Bed Nights"
"Hello, Hello" a piece from a one hour chamber opera for four soloists was performed in a workshop concert of this work in October 2002. In this song from the first few minutes of the work, the mobile telephone conversations interrupt and eavesdrop on each other, and a series of solo, duet, trio, and quartet sections evolve as the music and the story begins to unfold, as the tenor searches "there must be words we can say", before losing contact on his mobile phone.
In addition to an operatic tenor, two sopranos - one operatic and the other a popular singer, and a mezzo soprano - popular style singer, the work calls for for sampler/mobile telephone, and electronic surround soundscape, and a live keyboard/sampler, live electric/midi violin/viola, electric flutes, acoustic/electric Bass and percussion.
"Insanity of Forgiveness"
Horrific Hankies The Irish Linen Memorial.
Temporary Installation and Performance at Cloisters Gallery, University of Wollongong
Installation by Thomas Fitzgerald
7.1 channel Sonic Surround "The Insanity of Forgiveness" composed by Thomas Fitzgerald.
Thomas Fitzgerald - electric violin, viola, keyboard.
The initial conception, development and creation of this work were to integrate as a component in a multimedia- live performance and sculptural/visual art installation. This event took place over eleven days in November 1st - 11th, 2002, in the Cloisters Gallery, at the University of Wollongong. This indoor installation was an artistic response to the Northern Ireland civil war (1968 - 2000), and a desire to express healing and ways to empower peace.
This is a long spatial music work, 65 minutes in duration, and designed for a seven-channel speaker system playback. There was no live music performance during this installation, the live performances being recorded as source materials and then treated and mixed into the 7.1 spatial music sound design. The installation played the music constantly for the eleven days via a multi channel computer output card, from a dedicated system made by the Roland Corporation, model 1602.
The movement of sound in space from one speaker to another explores momentum and how combinations of sound can evolve a new and expressive textural and spatial counterpoint. The resultant textures also gain dimension from the momentum and kinetic patterns to for sub rhythmic expressive elements. The materials for the work were created from several types of sonic groups. A wide range of notated music was recorded and further developed with electronic extensions and sonic treatments. In addition, collected sounds were included from the environments of Belfast/Ireland, Melbourne/Australia, Vancouver/Canada, and the North and South Polar regions. A third group of sounds was drawn from the folk and indigenous music chants and songs/music pieces from indigenous peoples from Hawaii, North American First Nation Indian People, from Thai Buddhist prayers, and from the Irish folk music traditions. The final source sonic resource was created from the electronic/computer and sampled sound area.
Solo Electric Violin Concert
featuring Tom Fitzgerald in the third Concert in a series of new music by Music House at Chapel Off Chapel.
"PA" SBS commissioned short film score
Original score, sound designer, violin and keyboards. Pa was screened at Sundance and over 40 film festivals worldwide. It was awarded Best Original Music Award at the Sienna International Festival, and Best Short Film at the Venice Film Festival 2002 and Quantel international artist of the year.
Heart of The Journey
Commissioned score for interactive multimedia performance by Mayu Kanamori. The Heart of the Journey has been performed at the St Kilda Film Festival, the Adelaide Fringe Festival & TPAM, the Tokyo Performing Arts Market.
Reconciliation Charity Concert
One Earth Orchestra performers and original compositions by Tom Fitzgerald and other artists. Music House production and staging with performers from Melbourne.
"Symphony no 1"
Creation and recording of CD
"Symphony no 2"
Re-mix of CD recording
"Wild Music" Concert
'I can hear you now' for large electroacoustic ensemble and prerecorded sounds
Performed by "One Earth Orchestra"
Director/amplified piano/electric solo violin, Thomas Fitzgerald,
four amplified ensemble violins,Attila Kuti, Nimrod Kuti, Dougal Scott,Stephen Took,
three amplified ensemble celli - Julia Ryder, George Thaler,
Karolina Kuti, one amplified solo flute- Megan Kenny,
one amplified acoustic guitar - Marc Van Camp,
one electric bass - Evripides Evritidou
two percussionists - David Jones, Elvis Aljus
four singers - Lawrence Allen - Tenor, Margaret Allen - Soprano,
   Lindy Ferguson - Soprano, Genevieve Fitzgerald - Mezzo Soprano.
'The City of Yes and the City of No' for electroacoustic chamber ensemble
Performed by "One Earth Orchestra"
director, Thomas Fitzgerald,
four amplified ensemble violins, Attila Kuti, Nimrod Kuti,
Dougal Scott, Stephen Took,
three amplified ensemble celli - Julia Ryder, George Thaler, Karolina Kuti,
one amplified solo flute- Megan Kenny,
one electric bass - Evripides Evritidou
two percussionists - David Jones, Elvis Aljus
Two singers - Lindy Ferguson - Soprano, - Genevieve Fitzgerald - Mezzo Soprano.
Performed at Chapel Off Chapel in Prahran Melbourne. The first of a series of new music concerts with 18 performers from One Earth Orchestra featuring Tom Fitzgerald on electric violins, David Jones on drums and Evripides Evripidou on bass.
"Embracing the Tiger"
The second concert in a series of new music with One Earth Orchestra performed at Chapel Off Chapel.
Platypus Dreaming CD
"Platypus Dreaming"
Production and Recording of CD and Launch for - Wurrinjeri Aboriginal Stories and Songs. One Earth Orchestra
"Summer/Christmas Musical Events " Children's Christmas Theatre events
Created for Melbourne audiences at Daimaru, Melbourne Central
Soundtracks for Television Commercials
Lifeline Promotion
Created for Pacesetter (animation), Telstra Lifeline (Leunig animation), Wild Relations, Reach Out, R & I and "Red Rooster". Recording musicians from One Earth Orchestra
"Contemporary Echoes"
Not Baroque! Traditions and Evocations of Europe Contemporary trios and solos in Baroque mode - images of the past seen through the prism of the twentieth century. Jean Penny flute, Tom Fitzgerald violin, Andrew Blackburn harpsichord.
"Lighting up Flinders Street Station"
Opening Night Ceremony for Melbourne International Festival of Arts. Original sound by Tom Fitzgerald and music direction and recording of large group community performers Composed in 1998, this was an outdoor installation situated at the main intersection of the City of Melbourne, being Flinders St., and Swanston St. The streets were blocked to traffic as thousands of audience members arrived to watch a fourty minute opening ceremony featuring three hundred performers representing the various waves of migration and music/sounds that are representative of their culture. The history of place was 'sung' to Melbourne in a modern context of electro- acoustic music, prerecorded elements mixing with live performances in a dizzy sonic avalanche of sounds, textures and contexts. This was projected in all kinds of spatial dimensions via a massive speaker system designed by myself and the sound design company 'System Sound'. The music played from fifty speakers installed on the tops of buildings, church steeple spires, and also on ground levels. This work begins with the imagined sounds of the forming earth, volcanos, moving air currents, and water forming matter, it progresses through to the music of the Aboriginal peoples, and then to the waves of immigration that make up contemporary Melbourne. Despite the enormous challenge and parameters it was a very moving and successful installation event to open the Arts Festival, on a gorgeous early Spring evening in Melbourne, in 1998.
One Earth Orchestra
"Reconciliation Symphony"
Commissioned by Wesley College, Melbourne for Symphony Orchestra, Aboriginal Musicians and Choir - Performed at Monash University.
"The Three Tenants - Opera Project"
(winter season 2) Composition/ Musical Arrangement, Direction, Production and Performance, commissioned by Melbourne City Council and Melbourne Convention and Marketing Bureau.. Performed at Melbourne Town Hall with singers from One Earth Orchestra.
Heliotrope : Geoff Pressing
CD ROM, Soundtracks and Music commissioned by Pacific Strategies Multimedia, La Trobe University.
Midsummer Nights Dream
Awarded the Melbourne Theatre Critics Award for Best Musical Composition & Direction.
Christmas Concert
Channel 7 Christmas Concert with the City of Melbourne.
Live TV broadcast from Parliament House Steps, Melbourne. Music House Production and One Earth Orchestra performers. Music Compositions /Arrangements. Musical Direction / Production.
"The Good Cook"
Soundtrack/Music for Mutimedia Film commissioned by Michael Buckley
City of Melbourne Fashion and Design Awards
Music Production, Music Direction, - Regent Theatre, Melbourne. Performers One Earth Orchestra.
Winter Arts Music Concert Series
Concert Production and Performers from One Earth Orchestra.
Spirit CD
" Spirit of the Yarra River"
River Spectacular, Melbourne Moomba Festival - Production House Musical Soundtrack / Composition and Musical Direction. Recording musicians from One Earth Orchestra.
"The Three Tenants - Opera Project"
Musical Compositions/Arrangements, Musical Direction, and Music Production
Opera singers from One Earth Orchestra.
Commissioned by Melbourne City Council & Melbourne Convention & Marketing Bureau. Six Performances at Melbourne Town Hall, June and July.
A.B.C. Television Filmscores
Music Compositions for "Wildscreen" six part series and "Turtle World" animation - Tom was nominated for an Academy Award in 1999 for his film score in "Turtle World". Commissioned by Natural History Department, broadcast throughout America, Europe, and Australia
Spirit CD
"River Spectacular - Melbourne Moomba Festival"
Commissioned Music Composition / Sound track. Musical Production and Direction. Performers from One Earth Orchestra.

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