Spirit of the Yarra River
The Moomba 1997 River Spectacular
1 Introduction to the Spirit World
2 Awakening
3 Didgeridoo Parade
4 The Sun & Moon are Dancing with the Stars
5 The Sun is Jealous of the Moon
6 Celebration of the Spirit of the Yarra

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 1. Introduction to the Spirit World
This music was composed as a Celebration of the Spirit of the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia. It accompanied a live Multi media Theatrical Spectacular that was created for "The Moomba Festival". As you listen to this dramatic music imagine the magical atmosphere of huge floating barge/stages, sculptures, fire, projections, dramatic lighting effects, fireworks and lasers. Hundreds of performers, from many different cultures - black and white, are dancing, singing and even flying in the unique hot air balloons and parachutes together.
"SPIRIT" is based on a concept of interdependency of times and cultures past, present and future. The Yarra River is a meeting place that transcends all cultures embracing our traditional mythologies, stories and gatherings and our own late 20th Century kaleidoscopic dreamings. Inspired by this rich collage and further by the "Sun, Moon and Stars" Aboriginal stories, the Music brings together Opera, Rock, Jazz, World and Classical elements to create an expressive and exciting original work.
Spirit of the Yarra River
Composed by Tom Fitzgerald
Tom Fitzgerald {Keyboards & Violin}
Dwaine Jones Opera Singer
Elvis Aljus {Percussion}
Mark Domoney {Guitar}
Tom Jackson {Drums}
Martin Campbell {Bass}
Mike Ziennis {Bass: track 4}

Enchanted River
Composed by Tom Fitzgerald
Tom Fitzgerald {Keyboards & Violin}
Martin Ellepans {Guitars}
Jeremy Allsop {Electric Bass}
Elise Beattie {Vocal Soloist}

Tom Fitzgerald

performed by One Earth Orchestra
Enchanted River
The Moomba 1996 River Spectacular
  7 Twilight
  8 Enchantress
  9 Ancient Dances
10 Lovesong
11 Enchanted River

The Aboriginal words in the Tenor Soloist's song are                  

Kungulian - thoughts, the most powerful of all forces to influence our lives
Nungeena - Mother Nature
Tintuppa - Elements Spirits of the Nature
Yarra - The River
Woonan - Home
Wandjina - Creative Spirits, Elementals of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Seasons.
Musical Arrangements -
    Tom Fitzgerald & Lynn Ferguson
Producer - Malcolm Blaylock
Recording Engineer - Adam Quafe
Sound Editing - Martin Pulan-Edensound
Recorded at RB-X Studios, Melbourne
Thanks to Mark McDougall, Stephen Morgan,
Craig Smith, the late Ross Burton, Michael
Wittingslow and all at Moomba Festival.
Producer - Michael Wittingslow
Artistic Director - Malcolm Blaylock
Co-Ordinator - Andrew Snow
Assistant Co-ordinator - Katherine Armstrong
Assistant - Tim Sullivan
Stage Manager - Lisa Trevelick
Consultant - Patrick Reardon
Lighting Consultant - Phil Lethiean
Balloon Artwork - Leanne Edwards
Recording Engineer - Leslie Craythorn, Tonmeister Studio

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